With mechanical parts, advanced technology and high quality workmanship principle ROYER25 TMR Packing Machine series are produced by our company thanks to R & D professional teams.

In this systematic structure series machine is offered to our customers to follow new technologies and consider qulatiy of products for reliable and accuracy measurements  with minimum maintenance cost, long-lived structure, extensive service network, equipped with not to face any spare parts problems, simple menu and fast processing performance We offer your usage purposes.

TK1500 Silage Packing Machinesystem components ; consist of weighing unit, chain pallet conveyors feeding unit, pressing and gluing unit, vacuum and sewing unit and the vehicle loading line

Silage Packing Machine

Weighing Unit: Consists of filling indicator weighing pan and filling throat. Weighing unit designed for granules, as dust, dry and free-falling grain products technology enables performance and error-free, maximum speed and minimum sensitivity packaging opportunities. Weighing unit has a capability of integrated with all packaging machines. Our machines have all formality feature for commercial usage in the field of 2004/22 / EC on Measuring Instruments. The first test of the packaging machine, which is delivered to our customers in working order carried out ​​by authorized personel. Indicators and load cells used in the production of our packaging machines has OIML recommendation test report.

Portable Type Loading and Feeding Bands: Packaged product is intended to be transferred to fill efficiently and ship to stock area. Consists of mobile band takes an important place for our customers. In terms of cost and time Portable Type Loading and Feeding Bands enables our customers to be difference from others. As standard The feeding line 10-12 meters and the loading line 8-10 meters used in our machines are offered to our customers.

Punching and Sealing Unit: The bag is carried out of ​​filling in weighing unit through the line came to pressing and bonding unit, by means of an operator’s pedal press, air in the pouch between the pressing plate, it is evacuated with pressure that made ​​the plate of the pneumatic cylinders and in 2.process after the evacuated air through jaws mutual resistance the mouth of the bag is heat sealed airtight as a result of heating the mouth of the bag and it is brought into condition to be maintained for a long time. In the pressing and gluing unit packaging completed bags are directed to the loading line to ship product stacking area.

Vacuum and Sewing Unit: The biggest advantage of the vacuum packaging is ensuring the long-term storage without degradation of the product and economic transportation due to the 10-50 kg sacks at the packing tape; comes to vacuuming unit. Vacuum unit by means of a cylinder works by entering into the sack. Vacuum unit evacuate air in the bag through the vacuum pump. Vacuum pressure is average 22kpa. The vacuum unit is controlled with the help of workers’ pedal. Sack mouth clipping unit, through the vacuum bag‘s way placing of sack mouth clipping unit by a worker it is closed the wire compression sack mouth by a pneumatic cylinder.

Chain Conveyor Feeding Unit is produced by R & D team to work as soon as possible as to reach maximum packaging capacity of customers’s demand. One of the biggest advantages of chain conveyor feeding unit is ability to work in a less small area and more quickly.  Our feeding units are designed for customers working in the field and reduce waste materials of them equipped with the latest technology